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Rates & Other Information

  • Abbey Cat is very happy to offer an extremely simple and convenient method of payment for use of the studio. We accept all major credit cards and electronic payment methods. 

  • Generally a day of recording at Abbey Cat is from 10am-10pm, however, we are very flexible and can work with any schedule.

  • Our hourly rate for using the studio is $45.

  • If a full day is booked, we will automatically take an hour off the total, so a full day at Abbey Cat is only $400!

  • If you have a larger project that you'd like to complete entirely at Abbey Cat, we are more than happy to accommodate. Just email us with more details and we're more than happy to make any budget work.

  • Abbey Cat is more than happy to add a little bit of Studio fairy dust to any Bedroom Engineers out there. We know exactly how attractive self recording can be for so many with today's technology and we want you to know, we can make your bedroom recordings sound like they were recorded at a professional studio and we'd be ecstatic to work with you!

  • To book studio time at Abbey Cat, half of the payment for the intended time is due upon booking, with the other half is to be paid upon arrival on the first day of recording. 

    • If additional time is desired after a project has commenced, the additional time is to be paid for at the end of that days session unless specified ahead of time.​

  • Abbey Cat's in-house engineers are fully vaccinated for COVID-19. ALL VACCINATED artists are not required to wear masks in studio. 

  • Contact us now to book time!

***Abbey Cat reserves the right to end a session at any time if an artist does not meet the agreed upon requirements or exhibits behavior during the session that puts the studio or any individuals at the studio in an uncomfortable or otherwise unwelcomed position.


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